Why Şahin School

Why Şahin School

Because; Şahin School coaches happy falcons which can fly on their own.

Şahin School aims
To create a happy, secure and rich learning environment which enhances the achivements off all our pupils.
To prepare pupils for life in the real world academically for a child’s educational career.
To help each child gain confidence and self esteem.
The Falcons can Express themselves on both platforms national and international.And they represent their country by standing modern but not losing their customs and by having aspects of various cultures and with leadership qualities.
Because; Şahin School has got a unique campus.
A great campus is designed on 19000 square metres of lucious gren field. The campus has got a 14500 square metres of indoor area which has been built to international standards and is an earthquake prof structure worked on by a specialist engineering company.
The campus founded to meet all pupils’ academic, artistic,technological and sportive needs in regards to all health and society cautions.

Because; Şahin School has got the best teaching staff

We believe that our chidren have to be put into the hands of carefully selected staff.There are branches of only the very best and most expert educators and they continue to follow on the path of success and raise the bar day by day.

Because; Şahin School has been very successful across the country.

It has left it rivals far behind thanks to its academic achievements in Sakarya since the first day it started education. It has been the 56th out of 34093 and the 57th out of 30043 schools in Turkey.

>Because; Şahin School has a very good intensive language program.

A wide range of the school foreign language programs have been designed fort he English speaking child.Our English teachers, Turkish and English native speakers, are fully qualified and experienced in teaching English as a foreign language.They use progressive teaching methodology to help pupils communicate effectively and enjoy the experience of learning English.All our classrooms in the English Zone are equipped with interactive whiteboards and Access to wireless laptop computers to make learning more effective and enjoyable. And also English language teaching is supported theoretically and practically by international exams and trips at our school.

Because; Şahin School gives importance to artictic development.

At Şahin School we wish to promote an enjoyment of art in all its forms. We aim to develop every child’s ability to work with competence throughout a range of skills and methods.there are art rooms especially designed and equipped fort his aim. Our children gain knowledge and ability and enjoy the satisfaction of achieving a high Standard of work.

Because; Şahin School helps pupils develop their physical and mental coordination through sports.

The PE curriculum at Şahin School provides opportunities for children to experience a broad range of activities such as swimming,dance,balet, gymnastic activities,games,indoor and outdoor activities.Our PE specialist aim to motivate each child so that they retain a lifelong interest in all aspects of physical activity and recognise the importance of living and maintaining a healthy life.
Our success in sports across the country encourage us more and more!

Because; Counseling and Guidance services at Şahin School work with a sense of family

A Professional team gives counseling and guidance services in close partnership with parents. Responsive services are planned and goals focused on.It is a cooperative process of sharing information and ideas to beter serve our pupils.
We are a big family with our counsellor, pupils,teachers and administrative staff to prepare our children to maket he best of themselves as individuals who are well equipped to go on towards a fulfilling career.

Because; Şahin School has been the first with its teacher advisor system

Each child has a teacher advisor who Works in cooperation with parents to promote children’ development, learning and emotional well being and to help each and every child achieve success at school and in life!
A new generation which is successful, confident, ready for life and happy grows up with the careful and devotional work of our school.

Our success in the exam ‘SBS’ ( Placement Test ) across the country

Şahin School is an educational institution which has proved itself across the country thanks to its success in the field of education.
Our school, Sakarya’s leading educational home took place at first in the exams ‘OKS’ and ‘SBS’. It has left thousands of schools in the country behind. It has riveted further success which has honoured us made us very proud.While being the 57th out of 30043 schools in 2008 and the 56th out of 34093 schools in 2009.
Our School’s graduates continue their education at well-known educational institutions and sustain their success there.

Now our graduates are at

Galatasaray Secondary School (4) Robert College (5) İstanbul Secondary School for boys (12) Bahçeşehir Science and Technology Secondary School (2) Kabataş Secondary School for boys (6) Koç Secondary School (5) Kadıköy Anatolian Secondary School (17) Cağoğlu Anatolian Secondary School (12) German Private School (1) Üsküdar American Secondary School (2) Sakarya and other Science Secondary Schools (55) Sakarya Anatolian Secondary School (101) and Other Anatolian Secondary Schools (307)

Our Graduates

To know that our falcons which flew away from home continue their education in well-known educational institutions who have selected them is the greatest happiness for us.They are stil a source of pride for their family,country and us!


Our founder who served as an educator and has knowledge and experience of many years put his first step on a successful path when he opened his first institution “Şahin School” that followed.It provides high quality and original education.
Our education-loving founder continues to bring up successful, socio- culturally equipped and confident youths with his perfectionist attitude.

Our Primary Purpose

Our School helpseach child to be successful in life as individuals who are self confident and happy bu giving them a full education.
Our Perspective
Our primary purpose is to educate young people who lead both a technical and artistic aspect of society and who absorb the history of the country and the world. People who are adorned with knowledge and skills vital to this eraa and even beyond.
Our children strive to go on in the contemporary way which Atatürk started.

Our Founder

“Throughout history humanity and education have existed side by side and always will.” Education is a reality which is valid anywhere in the world although it includes cultural, ethnic and religious differences. Şahin School has understood this fact is surely on its way to success.
We are proud to visualise our target and achieve exellence in education.Our Falcons have achieved outstanding success across the country. Our school has made great progress with its dedicated and academic and administrative staff. The feeling that our pupils and parents are by our side and that their support is always with us makes a great difference in this success.This educational home will continue to be a guarantee of future for our pupils for many years.
The Şahin School is like a huge tree
The roots of the tree are its faithful teachers
Each branch is knowledge, ability and love
The sprouted leaves are my falcons!

Best Regards

Our General Coordinator

Şahin School which is a leader and exemplary institution in Sakarya goes on its way with principled and sure steps every day. Our school continues education in its new campus which is equipped to help pupils improve their skills and knowledge educationally and socially at the highest level. Our school which never loses conciousness of being a large family with its pupils and parents is going to be a warm educational home where a successful, happy and ready to live generation is educated for many years.

Best Regards
Dr.Esin Cevrioğlu

Our Principal
Şahin School whose basic philosophy is based upon “The education of good character” always continues to wok in regard to its responsibility of being the leader and prioneer in Sakarya. We are proud of being among eminent schools in Turkey as well as being the first in the academic field in Sakarya for many years. Our goal is always to make the best in education and training.We take pride and care in the upbringing of our children.We help our pupils accumulate a love of country, national and spiritual values,and encourage free thoughts which can stamp our country upon mdern civilizations. We raise them as reliable young people whom Atatürk would be proud to leave the country to. As Şahin School, yesterday we succeded, today we are successful and tomorrow we will be!

Best Ragards
Turan IŞIK

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