Kindergarden and Pre-school education is a road that shapes our lies and lays the foundations fort he kind of decisions we will make in the future.At Şahin the first thing we learn is how to love.We explore how to use our mind and body and we work on discovering our talents and hobbies.Şahin is well-equipped to support our 5-6 year olds with scientific,social,cultural,artistic and sporting activities.We thrive on the belief that among us are future scientists,artists and athletes.

At Şahin, we nurture happiness,health and family values all of which will lead to successful,happy individuals in the future.We raise our students to be trustworthy,reliable,happy,loving kids.


Besides the role of education,Şahin Pre-school also sees itself as a second family,preparing its students psychologically and physically for their next steps in life. In the strive to prepare our children according to their talents and particular interests and to deelop happy,healthy,confident individuals. Our school has prepared a wonderful worldwide educative programme. We communicate with parents through various media. For example our parents have a copy of the school’s event calendar.On special days additional notes are sent to parents.

As well as this all activity day reshown on our web page. ‘News Pigeon’ is a special notebook designed so that teachers and parents can share information on a daily basis. Each student has their own notebook and teachers evaluate daily the work of each child.Parents comments and ideas may also be recorded and sent to the teacher.

Şahin Kindergarden:

Between 14-18 students in a class,our children are exposed to a rich and healthy education system with classes specially designed fort he number of students in each class.

Toys Day:

Toysa re a vital realia in the physical and mental development of children.They can also be a tool in teaching children how tos hare and play together with that in mind. Our students have a toy day once a week when they can bring their own toy to school.

Book Day:

Students and Teachers alike bring their boks to school with similar values. Book Day once a week to further the progress in students language development enabling them to Express themselves more eloquently and most importantly to learn to love reading.


Our goal is to increase our students knowledge of the environment and neighbourhood around them. What beter way to do this than by taking our students out into real world with organised trips. Parents are always sent an informative note and permission slip beforehand.

Open-Air Activities

In the event of good wether,teachers prepare special activities for outdoor enjoyment. Students are able to learn surrounded by the beuty of nature.

Parents Activities:

Actitivies are organised which embrace the parent in the classroom. Our aim is to strengthen between the student,family and school. We operate on the belief that this stregth of this triangle inreases student love fort he school and motivation for learning.


At the age of kindergarden students are able to keep pace with technological developments. Computer lessons aim to develop and recognise their skills. Computer lessons are taught in our computer lab. Students benefit by using and exploring the usages of the computer and are made aware of how important it is.


English lessons are designed to be practical,child-friendly and to be stored in long term memory. An intensive 8 hour a week programme with both Turkish English and Foreign teachers and the support of multi-media,and well executed lessons all help attain our goal. Our students receive their English lessons in English-equipped laboratories in kindergarden anda re exposed to English inside and outside the classroom through playground games and extra-curricular activities in English.


Our music lessons take place in a specially equipped room to ensure acoustic value.Students are taught to appreciate a universal musical culture through the exploration of musical instruments,song,rhythm and melody.


The area of drama is an actively creative one and it is an area that children are envolep in.We use the benefits of drama to educate.Role-playing is just one important tool in creative drama.A tool we use to teach students to act independently to be tolerant,democratic and of course to encourage creativity.


The Swimming Pool will be in service this year with swimming lessons and special education programmes which have been planned by Professional instructors accordind to levels in age in healthy and hygienic conditions and fun.Sudents will learn various swimming techniques and will improve their body co-ordination.

Ballet classes:

Sports and the Arts: A most important factor in education is the completion of the students mental and physical deelopment.Our school aim is to raise healthy individuals in every way.That aim comes to fruition in many activities.One of which is our balet classes.Ballet classes support our students both artistically and athletically.


Our chess lessons are given by a chess instructor and our aim is to deelop the power of analysis and synthesis and to think creatively.

Course of Conduct and Grace:

We take responsibility in preparing our students for eery stage of life.We train and encourage them to become leaders in the community.We guide them in learning how to behave within the commonnormms of society and in how to Project themselves as strong,confident indiiduals in the future.


Teaching the ‘whole child’ means taking responsibility not only for their academic and athletic development but also fort he way they think about nutrition.The basic principle of healthy nutrition is taken very seriously at Şahin.In our Kindergarden there is a specially decorated dining hall.Meals are specifically thought out under the control of a dietician and lists are sent to parents every month informing them of the monthly menu.

Our trained chefs use bonnets,gloes and masks for maximium hygiene.Class teachers carefully control and advise students eating habits.Breakfast,lunchh and afternoon tea is served to our students.

Transport and Service:

We work with a Professional and experienced service firm to proide our childrenn with comfort and convience in travelling to and from school.Our school management check the entry and exit of the service regularly.We have experienced service drivers,hostesses and it is under the watch of school administration.

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