Primary School

Developing the students’ cognitive capacity doesn’t mean that they are educated. In all modern education approaches, it is being aimed that students should be developed in all aspects. It’s impossible to do this without counseling. In lower grades with the Psychological Counseling Department, of all the students’ developmental needs are being taken into consideration.

Our purpose in counseling is to facilitate and support their progress. To aid this we provide orientation to new students within which there are both individual and group works designed to help students to adapt to the new term.

It is not possible to give guidance to the students without knowing them well. Because of this, we use reliable identification techniques and methods. A student has various aspects to their character which reveal their basic needs. To help evaluate the students’ needs, some issues are dealt with such as their identity, family, health and physical development, school success, interests and abilities, plans, etc. In these recognition studies, tests that are suitable for this aim, inventories, question lists, observation forms and various scales have been used.

In lower grades, especially first, second and third grades, it is difficult to use written texts such as tests and inventories. For this reason, getting information from their class teacher and observation techniques have been used to get to know the young learners well.
In order to help our students with their higher education, their contribution is provided. Consultations with teachers, observations of students in and out of class, individual and group counseling activities, parent interviews and information activities will continue throughout the academic year.

Secondary School

As a higher grade Psychological Counseling and Guidance Department, studies have been continued by taking into account the privacy and voluntary principals according to our aims and objectives in 2010-2011 academic year. In order to help our students’ needs in their cognitive, social and psychological development process, Psychological Counseling and Guidance studies will be continued in cooperation with the class teachers.

In this period, developmental change can be easily observed. We aim to inform our students about their physical, affective, cognitive, social and sexual developments. So there will be seminars on sexual education, teenage features and friendship issues in 6th, 7th and 8th grades. Acting in holistic approach, students are being monitored not only in their developmental features but also in their academic developments. For 6th, 7th and 8th grades, a scanning problem inventory has been applied. In this way, we are informed on students’ essential problems and needs. Also, the reasons causing failure is determined by the use of tests.

Counseling services work as a team. The most important thing is cooperating with anyone able to serve the development of the student. In these studies, principals, teachers and parents are responsible for a lot. Everyone in this team should be aware of the main idea that is in cooperation for students’ development. Taking into serious consideration, we are going to work in 2010-2011 academic year.

School Rules

Rights and Responsibilities of students

  • 1. Each Şahin Student has the right and responsibility of self-improvement
  • 2. Each Şahin Student has to behave within the framework of mutual respect, love, trust and the principles of tolerance. Each student has to have the right of being respected and the responsibility of showing respect to others. School principals, teachers, students and all employees have to talk to each other in a respectful way.
  • 3. Rules can be challenged. They have to be obeyed unless they can be changed. Each student has the right and the responsibility of objection to injustice within the framework of human rights and etiquette.
  • 4. Each Şahin Student has the right to demand the solution of problems which seemingly cannot be overcome. (Class teacher, branch teacher, assistant principal, guidance department, principal, etc.)
  • 5. Everyone has the right to expect others to obey the rules. Also everyone has the responsibility to obey these rules.
  • 6. Students have the responsibility to give all bulletins and announcements about the academic and social news to their parents.

The Use of The School's Physical Environment

  • 1. Each Şahin Student has the responsibility of keeping clean and preserving the environment and school objects.
  • 2. Everyone has the right to have education in a healthy and clean environment. On the other hand, everyone has the responsibility to participate in cleaning the fields used.
  • 3. Classrooms, corridors, garden, toilets and cafeteria should be kept clean.
  • 4. The right side of the stairs should be used.
  • 5. Students can use the telephone at the entrance in any emergency case.
  • 6. Library, laboratories, conference hall, music hall and sports hall use guidelines which are followed.

Classroom Rules

  • 1. Students of the class are responsible for the cleaning and the layout of the class.
  • 2. A student is on duty to ensure the general scheme of the class.
  • 3. Students are expected to comply with the following rules during the course;
    a. Coming prepared for the course,
    b. Listening and active participation in lessons,
    c. Asking for permission to speak by raising hand
    d. Being respectful to friends,
    e. Not making fun of physical appearance or thoughts and avoiding horseplay/ practical joke,
    f. Not to bring cell phones or walkman to the school, (If so, giving them to the principal)
    g. Not bringing any food or drink into the class.

Attendance Principals

  • 1. Students should bear in mind the punctuality while coming in and going out.
  • 2. The student getting out of the school bus should go to his /her class.
  • 3. The day student that cannot come to school should be informed on by the parents.
  • 4. There shouldn’t be any late comers between two lessons.
  • 5. If a student needs to leave the school during the day, he / she has to have a permission from the principal.

    Flag Ceremonies

  • 1. All students, Turk and foreign teachers and administrators have to attend the ceremony.
  • 2. Flag ceremonies are performed in a suitable way.
  • 3. Singing correctly and intensely our National Anthem is the duty of any Şahin Students’.

    School Bus Rules

  • 1. Students travel in their seats.
  • 2. Cleanliness is paid attention to. There shouldn’t be any eating or drinking in the buses.
  • 3. Students behave to each other and the driver in a respectful way.
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