Campus Life

Our brand new campus is located south of Adapazarı along the Karaman road. Built stringently to abide with Turkish Earthquake and natural disasters regulations with an impressive architecture our school stands strong and stunning .

Our campus lies among 19000 m2 green land with 14500m2 reserved area for the convenience of our teachers and students.

With a capacity to administer social, cultural and sporting activities Şahin schools take a great leap in education standards within not only the Adapazari region but also schools within Turkey.

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Campus life- Classrooms

For a healthy and comfortable learning environment classrooms are designed to accommodate the needs of our students.

English Zone

Our English language zone which began last year creates a different world for our students, here students are given the opportunity to use and practice their acquired language skills. The English zone is a place where students are required to speak English; this has become a great motivation for students and has given them a chance to speak, read and listen actively.


Our cafeteria provides healthy and nutritious meals for students and parents. Visitors are more than welcome to stop by and enjoy a break along with a hot cup of tea.


Set in a quiet and comfortable environment our library is a sanctuary for students to access information or to sit back and enjoy a nice and quiet short read. Students are also able to follow up on their research papers and find time to study.


Our motto “learning by seeing, feeling and experimenting”. This we find is a sure way to make learning fun and exciting for our students. With its state of the art technical equipment, our labs provide an ease of access to knowledge and information for our students.


With its capacity to seat 600 people, professional lighting, sound set up and air conditioning our school auditorium is ready to use for school plays, conferences and concerts.

Arts and design studios

Art is like a mirror, it expresses and reflects our artistic concerns and feelings in other words it is the reflection of our souls beauty. Our art and design studios allow students to perform and design using a free perception and visual language in the best way possible.

Music Studios

Our schools music studio rooms are designed to cater for students’ needs and are all age appropriate. Our studios give students a chance to display their talents and creativity in all musical areas. Along with piano lessons students also are given the opportunity to explore other instruments such as the guiro, bongos, maracas and the triangle. Students can also choose to learn to play traditional music instruments such as the bağlama or saz.

Chess Classes

At our school we want students to become accustomed to playing chess at a very young age, therefore we encourage students to endeavour into the games elements and develop their gaming skills. Most importantly we believe that the game chess strives to teach good sportsmanship and beginning from kindergarten our students gain experience and develop a wide range of strategies and an admiration for the game.

Ballet and dance studios

Our ballet and dance studios are specially designed to cater for professional instruction. Our ballet classes focus mainly on the Vagonova method and are age specific allowing students to practice and learn different techniques appropriate for their age and skills. With our professional ballet and dance instructors, students are given the chance to express themselves through dance and music.

Sports halls

Private Şahin schools have given great importance and emphasis to students’ physical and mental development. Our indoor sports halls have been designed to be flexible to suit activities for all age groups. With a wide range of physical activities in mind we enhance students’ psychomotor skills, nerve and muscle development, mental and emotional maturity. Şahin schools have 1 Olympic sized indoor sports hall along with 2 multipurpose halls.  

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